English translation for our only english reading friends available:

English translation for our only english reading friends available: Paul Armfield And The Four Good Reasons – An insider review of the concert at Cologne on November, 6th, 2005 – Message for Riff the band from J.C. Grimshaw – Leslie Pinguin attending concert – Folk-Noir at its best.
Each of them was pleased to see Inge and me and J.C. forced every single member of the band, the technician too, to draw a little picture on beer-mats for Mario. The meed: six mats with smart nice little drawings.

In the tiny little bar the band had set up their instruments with much feeling for details. Even the “Leslie-Pinguin” was placed on the original Hammond-Leslie-Box and was allowed to attend the concert close by, quasi live.
At 9 o’clock pm, with help of much Weißbier (the special Bavarian brand of beer) the band abruptly kicked off (“I love Germany as it has the best beer!”) and red wine.
How can one describe that: again and again beamy passages, lunatic pressure and an excellent harmonizing band. It was grooving and then€¦.

the rest of the band stepped a little bit back, the “giant” Paul holds tight to his contrabass, is shaken of grief, his hair streamed through his face, I can’t see his eyes any longer but can hear him sob and whisper. Then the keyboard has pity with him with most melancholy minor-chords and glides softly from one accord to the next, from melody to melody to melody. Of course, these are cruel whispered moments, self-evidently I feel blue during these passages.

Like a junkie I’m waiting for the fast and silent sneaking full of pressure clear power-riffs which I need so badly.

Please listen to “Ever mine”, cry, be happy and have joy with the band, which is to such an extent that extremely good, funny and blue, yes, just like life is.
About midnight, yes, we needed as many of those encores, the band many additional Weißbier and red wine, the saw was forced to wail. Exactly, but much nicer than one guy in the audience was worrying about when he cried out loudly: “Kettensägenmassaker?”(chain-saw massacre?). But there was no chain-saw at all, it was simply a pat-saw.
Jake also let us know a new part of his nightly, minimum drunk, but creative power. He even managed to sing the more or less German translation of : always the same story: “is the glass half empty or half full”. It must be full.

J.C. Grimshaw’s message to Riff the band: “Beware the passion for your band and the music!” Yeah, we’ll do. (thank you very much, Olga Kroese for the sophisticated translation)

further links: Further pix from the Cologne Gig – PDF 301 KB

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